Wikipedia has been transformed into a new adventure game by a developer.

lets you navigate the world by jumping from entry to entry on the online encyclopedia.

It was created by Kevan Davis, who has also used Wikipedia’s API to write a novel, called .

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From the home screen, you can either select one of the several places, landmarks and objects suggested by the game as your starting point, or choose one of your own.

Once you’ve done so, a basic description of it, which has been pulled from Wikipedia, will appear inside a text box, along with directions to a nearby location.

You can, however, choose your own path too, by type compass directions or “go to” followed by the name of a Wikipedia particular article.

You can examine certain details further by typing examine followed by the thing you want more information about, and even “carry” items and talk to people.

If you find something you’d like to read about in more depth, you can open its full Wikipedia article in a new tab, by typing “wiki”, and to share your current location on social media, type “share”.

If you get stuck and need more guidance, type “help”, and more information will pop up.

“Its map is pulled live from the Wikipedia API, and it uses all articles which have specified geo-coordinates,” says Mr Davis. “If two articles share an exact location they get nudged in random directions. 

“The way the map is rebuilt on the fly from nearby clusters of articles results in occasional one-way paths in densely-packed areas, and things might get a bit twisty and turny if dozens of articles share a geolocation point.

If you can’t find a particular place even though it has an article, then either Wikipedia doesn’t know its coordinates (in which case you can help Wikipedia out by adding them), or it’s not sharing them with the API.”


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