Donald Trump has challenged the world to work out what perhaps means.

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’???” he posted. “Enjoy!”

The tweet was a reference to a bizarre post in which he wrote: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Almost , he sent out the new challenge the world.

The answer to Mr Trump’s question is still unclear. But , and had .

By – a process that came five hours and 130,000 retweets after it was posted – as well as causing further embarrassment.

Mr Trump’s new challenge was greeted by a range of responses online. Some suggested that it was code, while others said it was complete nonsense and didn’t mean anything at all.

Some of the president’s supporters said that they liked the word and even appeared to be adopting it as a badge of honour. But none of them gave a convincing definition of the word.


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