– and its users might have no idea.

The network stopped letting its users receive phone calls – though ringing out appears to work – but it hasn’t notified anyone who uses it that it has broken. And it won’t be telling them when it’s fixed again, either.

The problem means that people might be trying to make important calls to Three customers, but that they wouldn’t have any idea.

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Three has confirmed on its support account that there are problems. It has only sent those messages to people who ask.

It has confirmed on that same account that the company is working on a fix and would send out an estimated time the network would come back online.

But it suggested that it will make people aware in the same way, and won’t send out a text to confirm that the problems were happening or that they have lifted.

It only appears to be calls that are broken – while some have reported slow data connections and problems with texts, both appear to be working somewhat.

A Three spokesperson said: “Some of our customers did experience connectivity issues earlier today using voice and SMS services.

“This problem has now been resolved and all services have been restored. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”


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