. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment – but one that can thankfully be relieved again and again.

As well as being the most viewed eclipse in history – by people who made it also the biggest momvement of people for tourism ever – it was also the most photographed. And some of those photographs are truly stunning.

Some depict the sun itself, and the beautiful spectacle that emerges when the moon slides in front of it and only its tendrils can be seen. Others show people gathering to watch the events, getting together to conduct citizen science, or simply to take in the sight as a group.

Here’s The Independent’s selection of the best pictures from the eclipse, taken by people across the country.

Solar eclipse 2017 Solar eclipse 2017

The eclipse was the first time that such a sight has swept over the entire US for 99 years. And it’s the first time in decades that a total solar eclipse has been visible in the country at all.


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