One of the clearest pictures we’ve seen of the so far has leaked ahead of its launch.

The handset is set to be unveiled next week, and the company has been trying to keep its design under wraps.

However, a new picture of the phone and its stylus have been published online.

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Technology tipster was behind the leak, which shows the Note 8 in a “deep sea blue” colour scheme.

It’s also expected to be available in black, grey and gold.

Samsung will launch the successor to the disastrous Note 7 at an event on 23 August, and the phone looks set to hit the market in mid-September, .

Numerous reports have suggested the Note 8 will resemble the and , two excellent and highly attractive handsets that came out earlier this year, and the image leaks appears to confirm this.

Samsung, once again, appears to have dropped the physical home button, extended the screen so it covers the majority of the phone’s front face and slimmed the bezels down significantly.

The Note 8 is said to have an enormous 6.3-inch display, but the stylus should make it easier for users to handle.

You’ll be able to write and draw with it, as you would with a pencil and paper, while a series of buttons will act as handy shortcuts. 

Samsung will almost certainly also include a series of productivity-focused software features too, which will allow you to use the phone as a work device.


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