Samsung has accidentally revealed a number of the upcoming ’s features. 

The company listed the phone on its website two days ahead of its expected launch, and confirmed it will come with a so-called “Infinity” display, an S-Pen stylus and Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby.

Though none of this information comes as a surprise, it’s still a major gaffe.

(Android Police)

The listing, which also showed pictures of the phone and revealed that it will come with 64GB of storage, was spotted by . 

It has now been taken down.

Numerous leaks over recent weeks have revealed almost every detail about the Galaxy Note 8, which is , two excellent new phones that came out earlier this year. 

It will be bigger than those two, however, thanks to its 6.3-inch screen, and it will also come with a number of productivity-focused features for getting work done on the go. 

Though the stylus, which will slot into a special hole in the phone, will make that enormous screen easier to handle, the Note 8 could prove too big for many people.  

It’s also expected to use a dual-camera setup and be available in black, blue, grey and gold colour options.

Samsung will officially unveil it on 23 August, and reports suggest it will hit the market on 15 September, just after . 


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