Photo filters are coming to the Android version of WhatsApp.

The messaging app has started testing a range of editing options, which are expected to roll out in the near future.

However, it still isn’t clear why , feels that the addition of filters is necessary. 

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When they go live, WhatsApp will offer Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film filters, reports . 

Comprehensive photo editing tools are available elsewhere, and most people who transfer pictures through WhatsApp do so because it’s fast and straightforward.

Using filters to make your pictures as pretty as possible makes sense for platforms where you can pick up Likes, such as Instagram and Facebook, but not so much for WhatsApp.

However, there’s no harm in having the option.

Facebook appears to be trying to convert the messaging app into a social network of sorts.

Over recent months, it’s added Snapchat Stories-style functionality to WhatsApp, and even .

, and you can use them to edit photos, videos and GIFs.

The app has also started organising pictures a lot more neatly for iPhone users, placing them in a compact grid, rather than stacking them on top of each other. 


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