has made a significant change to search results, which have started playing short previews of videos.

They’re replacing the static image thumbnails Google has traditionally used for video results, with the move designed to help you find relevant content even faster. 

The main issue with Google’s previous approach was that it allowed misleading thumbnails to trick you into opening videos that actually have nothing to do with what you want to watch. 

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This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

“So whether you’re trying to learn some new salsa dance steps or you’re stuck on the side of the road trying to change a flat tire, and need a video that uses the tools you have on hand, you now have access to video previews directly in search results, giving you a better idea of what you’re about to watch before you tap,” said Google product manager Prashant Baheti.

He added: “Video previews is the next step in helping you find information faster.”

Google says the video previews, which play silently, are currently limited to the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android.

They aren’t available on the desktop, and it’s unclear if this will change in the future.

By default, they only play automatically when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection. 

However, Google says you can enable previews on mobile networks – or completely opt out of the feature if you don’t like it – by visiting the Settings menu in either of the apps.


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