Sony’s attempt at introducing Virtual Reality to millions of homes has been quite impressive, the device having sold unexpectedly big numbers. However, console accessories often fail to continuously sell without a ‘killer app’. For instance, the Nintendo Switch’s reasonably rubbish release line-up was improved phenomenally by Zelda: Breath of the Wind, the console selling by the millions as a result. 

So far, the best VR-only experiences have been Batman, Rigs, and REZ (Resident Evil VII was playable in VR but better played as a normal console game) but none have been ‘must-play’ games. Unfortunately, Farpoint isn’t either. Packaged with the Aim controller, this first-person shooter has potential but bores relatively quickly.

You play as a soldier, stranded on a Mars-like planet, trying to locate Dr Tyson and Dr Moon who have been conducting field research. Soon, you come to realise the three of you are not alone as giant enemies — most of which are explosive spiders — populate the world. A fair amount of time is spent developing the other two characters, mainly through various holographic scenes, while your nameless Starship Troopers-looking avatar watches on. 

Walking through this planet, there are various very impressive moments; rock formations can leave you in awe for a few seconds, all before another batch of spiders come running head on. 

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Quickly, it becomes apparent how basic Farpoint is. Your character is attached to a rail, offering no chance to explore the world, but only march forward. While limited mobility is a clever way to stop players feeling ill — something that has affected various VR games — Farpoint feels very much like an older arcade game. Running at just six hours long, the game’s hardly revolutionary.

What’s great, though, is the Aim controller. With all the DualShock 4 buttons available, there’s so much potential. In Farpoint, the controller turns into various weapons — ranging from machine gun to shotgun. Looking at these through the VR helmet along with having the gun to physically feel, you really are transported from your living room.

A greater game using the controller could be exceptional, and another step forward for Playstation VR. Fingers crossed Sony and other developers will continue to make content for the Aim controller. Perhaps a Call of Duty spin-off? It would sell by the millions. 


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