might be ruined before it even started. And by that most British of enemies: the weather.

Cloudy skies are likely to get in the way of the show and ruin the disappearance of the sun for most people in , according to the Met Office. And even if the weather was good, the timing means that there wouldn’t really be all that much to see anyway.

Europe isn’t going to get the best of the eclipse, which will sweep all the way across the US and be total or near-total for everyone living in the lower 48 states. .

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2017 Partial Lunar Eclipse 2017

Those hopes have now been dashed by the weather forecast, which says that only the south-west of England South Wales will get any chance of seeing the event. Anywhere in the East of England, in Scotland or Northern Ireland is going to have their view blocked up by clouds.

And anyway, since the eclipse arrives at sunset, there’s not going to be any visible change in the amount of light.

“It doesn’t look very promising,” said Met Office forecaster Martin Bowles.

“It is only going to be about 4% of the sun which will be blotted out, so even if it is perfect weather conditions you won’t see a lot.

“From a meteorological point of view it is not looking very good because of the cloud – most people won’t be able to see a thing.

“There will be some breaks in the cloud in the south-west of the country – South Wales and south-west England – there will be enough breaks that people who are looking specifically might be able to see a little chip out of the corner of the sun.

“Anywhere in the east, including London, won’t see anything because it will just be clouded over; also Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

The eclipse will arrive at sunset, around 8pm. It will arrive from the west, meaning that it will go dark slightly earlier in Cardiff than in Edinburgh, for instance.

The Royal Astronomical Society still warns that anyone in the UK should make sure not to look directly at the sun, which can still be very dangerous – even if it is hidden by clouds.

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