US tech giant has hired Jonathan Zdziarski, an expert on Apple and iOS security and forensics, for Security Engineering and Architecture.

“I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position with Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team, and am very excited to be working with a group of like minded individuals so passionate about protecting the security and privacy of others,” Zdziarski said in a .

Zdziarski provided technical expertise during Apple’s conflict with FBI last year following the when the agency wanted help breaking into a suspect’s iPhone.

Zdziarski also made headlines with claims that Apple had a backdoor into iOS, offering commentary and perspective with prominent security stories, and discovering security flaws in popular apps, tech website on Wednesday.

“This decision marks the conclusion of what I feel has been a matter of conscience for me over time. Privacy is sacred; our digital lives can reveal so much about us – our interests, our deepest thoughts, and even who we love,” Zdziarski added.


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